Epic Jump Map: Halloween Curse

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Welcome to Epic Jump Map: Halloween Curse!
A scary parkour minecraft adventure map! The fact that it's scary, doesn't mean that it won't troll you! It's simillar style of parkour/adventure to epic jump map v1.1 and v2.0, but this time around, there're some *screamers* and stuff that might scare you and creep you out! There're some pretty nice jokes and instructions on the signs and the books in the map, so be sure to read them all!

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Download From Dropbox *Epic Jump Map: Halloween Curse*
Download From MediaFire *Epic Jump Map: Halloween Curse*

Required texture pack:
Download Texture Pack from Dropbox
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You woke up in a strange looking house in the middle of the night. Where is everyone?
Play the map to find out. *cliffhanger*

- Enjoy the map, get scared!
- If you fall you're allowed to climb back up with gamemode creative if there're no nearby checkpoints
- If you find it hard, you're allowed to cheat-a-bit xD
- Get trollaloted
- Don't break/place any blocks unless told to
- Turn your brightness to MOODY (or not more than 35-40%)
- Turn your sound up (disable music)
- Set your rendering distance to LOW
- Enable Command Blocks on your server (if playing COOP)
- Don't forget to post your score!

- READ ALL THE SIGNS!!! Posted Image

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4500 Downloads - 28.11.2012

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