Operation: Recovery of the sacred Cake

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Operation: Recover of the sacred cake is a map I've done with a friend of mine. It was my first real collaboration. The co-creator's name is Smokesick.
In this map we've focused on more adventure elements, dungeon style challenges, find something while jumping etc. etc. as well as this was our first ACTION map. So this is parkour, adventure and puzzle map, but at the same time there's some action involved! You might find yourself surrounded by enemies, running at adrenaline rush and similar epic adventures :)

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Click here to download Operation: Recovery of the Sacred Cake v1.0 from Mediafire
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It all happened a week ago...
It was a nice day outside. The weather was chill, the sun was shining and everyone was happy.

But recently, something terrible happened. A race, known as the Mini-ninjas landed their CFO - Cake Flying Object in our peaceful town and stole the treasure we are famous with - The Cake.
All of our villagers grouped forces and gathered tons of resources to create this valuable treasury.

Now, it is up to YOU, the hero of future generations, to risk your life and return the precious symbol of our town. We are counting on you!

1. Enjoy the map - have fun!
2. Die in lava, rage a bit!
3. You're allowed to break any colors of wool, but you shouldn't do it in purpose of cheating!
4. Play on Normal or Hard
5. Your score is GHAST TEARS - Post your score in this thread to be added in the leaderboards below. If you somehow got really big score, a screenshot would be appreciated
6. Comment in this topic with your opinion on the map

Maximum score still hasn't been achieved!

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3000+ DOWNLOADS - 29.11.2012

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